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“Vilastic Viscoelasticity Analyzers are the most sensitive instruments

available for rheological analysis of a wide range of viscous

and viscoelastic liquids–even fluids as thin as water–

with unparalleled precision.”


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V-E System for Industrial Rheology

Designed for a broad range of fluids including inks, polymers, thickeners and hydrocolloids. System Enhancements are available for extensional viscoelasticity, electrorheology, porous media and microcapillaries.

VE System


BioProfiler for Blood and Plasma Rheology

An innovative system dedicated to the measurement of blood viscoelasticity and plasma viscosity. 

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Vilastic-3 for Biofluid Rheology

Simple, rapid, precautionary handling of blood, synovial fluid, biopolymers, protein solutions and other biofluids.  System Enhancements are available for extensional viscoelasticity, porous media and microcapillaries.


We provide exceptional technical backup and unmatched rheological expertise.

email: rheology@vilastic.com

P.O. Box 160261

Austin, TX 78716

Tel: 512-327-4134


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