Extensional Viscoelasticity System

Extensional Flow Figure

In dynamic applications where streamlines converge, information concerning the viscous and elastic extensional response to time-varying flow is critical.

With the Vilastic Extensional Viscoelasticity System the Vilastic VE and Vilastic-3 can be expanded to measure both the viscous and elastic extensional effects of fluids in converging flow.

The  Extensional Viscoelasticity System is used to measure the pressure to flow relationship for a fluid in an orifice. This produces a direct assessment of the extensional viscoelastic effect of the fluid in the orifice.

Included with the  Extensional Viscoelasticity System is Extensor software. Using Extensor, data obtained with the VE System or Vilastic-3 and the Extensional Viscoelasticity System can be used to calculate significant parameters for elongational flow:

  extensional viscosity and elasticity
  extensional relaxation time
  viscous and elastic Trouton ratios

For further details on this Extensional Viscoelasticity System see our technical note or contact us to discuss your specific needs.


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