Contract Measurements and Leasing Options

We can apply our expertise to your special rheological application by providing comprehensive analysis of a wide range of fluids.   Some of the rheological analyses available are:

  • Shear Rate Dependence of Viscoelasticity

  • Frequency Dependence of Viscoelasticity

  • Relaxation Spectra

  • Intrinsic Viscosity Determination

  • Temperature Dependence of Viscoelasticity

  • Thixotropy and Stability of Rheological Properties

  • and much more …..

To discuss your specific rheological needs or to obtain details on this service contact us at or call (01) 512-327-4134.

LEASING OPTIONSLeasing of a Vilastic instrument is available to qualified corporations and institutions.  Contact us at or call (01) 512-327-4134 for details.

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