VILASTIC-3 Viscoelasticity Analyzer

Explore the properties of your bio-fluid by measuring both the viscosity and elasticity over a wide range of values of frequency, shear stress, shear rate and shear strain.

Rapid sample change with minimal possible contact between the fluid and operator.

The Vilastic-3 provides the extreme sensitivity and sample handling required for measuring fundamental viscoelastic properties of biological fluids under exquisitely controlled frequency, stress, strain, shear rate, time, and temperature. Once you select a measurement protocol, you can repeat it at any time with high precision because the unvarying geometry of the VILASTIC-3 eliminates the mechanical adjustments and dimensional inaccuracies of traditional rotational instruments.Computer controlled protocols and data processing mean precisely timed measurement sequences, high volume of measurements and disk storage of all results

Uses water as calibration fluid, a universal standard readily available at no cost



Blood Aqueous suspensions Hyaluronic acid Pharmaceuticals
Plasma Biopolymers Saliva Plasma proteins
Synovial Fluid Xanthan Gum Blood and Plasma Clots Dextran solutions
Mucus Guar Gum Blood volume expanders Semen


Shear stress range 0.001 to 1000 dynes/cm2 (0.0001 to 100 Pa) Temperature range 1 to 95 °C
Shear rate range 0.1 to 10000/second Frequency range 0.01 to 100 Hertz
Shear strain range 0.001 to 100 Sample volume 1 ml
Nominal viscosity 0.005 to 500 Poise (0.0005 to 50 Pa sec) Units selection

Case size (6″ wide by 13 1/2″ deep by 11 1/2″ high)

Note: specifications vary with the computer and accessories selected.

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