Vilastic V-E SYSTEM

A unique instrument with the ability to perform precise measurements
of viscosity and elasticity of ultra thin fluids–the consistency of water–as well as
thicker fluids.

cheap bandage dresses, Small footprint, small sample size, controlled
thermal environment and portability all add versatility and power to this instrument.

V-E System Photo

Use the V-E SYSTEM to explore the
properties of your liquid by measuring both the viscosity and elasticity over a wide range
of values of frequency, shear stress, shear rate, shear strain, time and temperature. Once
you select a measurement protocol, you can repeat it at any time with high precision
because the unvarying geometry of the V-E SYSTEM eliminates the mechanical adjustments and
dimensional inaccuracies of traditional rotational instruments.

Computer controlled protocols and data processing mean precisely timed
measurement sequences, high volume of measurements and disk storage of all results.


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